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Naturopathy aims to stimulate the natural mechanisms of self-healing in our body. Naturopathic interventions are intended to activate, feed and strengthen these mechanisms rather than directly eliminate or attack pathogens.

Naturopathy medicine takes into account all aspects of an individual's health including on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. In my practice I see adults of all ages, pregnant women, children and babies. Treatments include both acute and chronic diseases.

By using substances of the vegetable, animal and mineral kingdoms that will be diluted and potentialized to obtain the homeopathic remedy, the patient will be able to Bnd a balance in their overall state of health through the prescription of an individual treatment.

It is a matter of looking for the root causes of a disease, beyond the apparent symptoms in order to be able to prescribe the appropriate remedy.


I accompany the patient in his individual food choices in order to contribute to the overall maintenance and/or restoration of his/her health. Together we enhance the quality of life and well being through diet.

In collaboration with the Swiss company Hepart AG, specialized in personalized orthomolecular medicine and the IABC laboratory, I offer food intolerance tests and personalized orthomolecular supplementation to my patients.

Color therapy or chromotherapy is based on the projection of colors on the patient’s body.

The Bioptron lamp emits light with biostimulant effects that act on the molecules and intracellular structures of the human body. This triggers a regenerative process of the whole body.


The different reflex zones of the body are treated by special pressure techniques. The goal of the treatment is to stimulate and strengthen the regulation and self-healing powers of the body.

This method assists in supporting and strengthening the balance in the whole body from childhood on and throughout life. Reflexology is particularly indicated in cases of stress, it helps prevent burn-out.

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