“It’s not just the absence of symptoms, it’s total freedom. We must never settle for anything else.” Ute Hammes
À propos Ute Hammes

Hello, my name is Ute! Of German origin, I studied naturopathy and homeopathy in Switzerland where I moved since 2008 after living with my family in several European countries, as well as in China and in Australia.

Mother of three children, I became interested in alternative medicine in order to always find the best solutions in natural treatments to the various health concerns that we have encountered as a family.

My multicultural background allows me to consult in French, German, English and Spanish.

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Mon parcours professionnel


Diploma Health Practitioner in Naturopathy, Ecole Agapê, Morges, Switzerland


Diploma Classical Homeopathy, Ecole AGH, Geneva, Switzerland


Diploma Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Ecole Lydéal’, La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland


Diploma General Reflexology, Ecole Lydéal’, La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland


Federal Diploma as Naturopath specialized in Traditional European Natural Medicine (ENM)


In training Naturopathy for animals, Ecole Agapê, Crissier, Switzerland


Introduction to general palliative care, palliative vaud


In training mentorship (module M7) for the federal exams in Traditional European Natural Medicine


I am also trained in spagyric remedies, Bach Howers, anthroposophical remedies, Sanum therapy, and Aion-A therapy.

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